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Hex Code Helper was developed in Visual Basic 6

Hex Code Helper's Official Website was proudly coded using Raw HTML!
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Hot Features
  • Choice of using scroll bars or a color palette to choose color.
  • Easy access to Netscape's 216 color 'safe palette.'
  • RGB and Hex Codes for over 16.7 million different colors.
  • A "Stay on Top" feature to keep HCH above other programs.
  • Save your colors and themes for easy access later.
  • Extensive help included as a part of HCH.
  • Quick access "Copy" button to copy hex to your clipboard.
  • A Color Matching Station to match colors and text.

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  • Have you ever started to design a fresh website and suddenly got stuck on what color to use? Or on what color would match? Or even worse, not have a clue what the hex code for that color is? Then let me assure you, Hex Code Helper is the program for you.

    Hex Code Helper is just what its name suggests. It is a program to help you with coding color hex codes. I know how annoyingly difficult some programs can be to use, but no fear. Hex Code Helper is so easy to use & learn, your grandma could probably learn it faster than you can type your full name. Well, maybe not, but anyone with a even a little experience with computers can easily learn to use it.

    Hex Code Helper is made to be compatible with all kinds of HTML Editors such as FrontPage, HotMetal, Homesite, Editpad, Hot Dog and Notepad just to name a few. I know that most of these do not offer even decent color matching and viewing utilities. Hex Code Helper will help you out with WYSIWYG editors as well as text editors.

    Now that you know a little bit about the program itself, go and browse this site. You will find all kinds of info including screen shots. I suggest you start out with overview to get you a bit more familiar with HCH and more confident that you really want to invest your time to download Hex Code Helper.
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