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DBDC's Baby Movies Section is one of the most visited sections on this whole site. Visitors download over a GigaByte of baby movies from this site every day! If there are any dead links, email me and tell me! Now go ahead and click on one of the buttons on the right. Happy downloading! Movies A-K
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Note to other Dancing Baby Site Owners
If you are a webmaster who owns a dancing baby site or is planning to make one read this! www.dbaby.com is hosted on a virtual domain. I PAY for EVERY byte of information that is downloaded from my server. What does this mean to you? Well, throughtout my experience of being a webmaster, I have seen MANY MANY people illegaly link directly to my files and making me pay for their bandwidth. That means, I am paying for downloads off other people's site! So let me warn you, if you are even THINKING about linking directly to my files; Stop! and think again. Every file that is downloaded from dbaby.com is logged! If the downloads are coming for any page other than my own, I will contact your host and tell them that you are stealing my bandwidth. I have done this several times before to people who stole my bandwidth, and the thiefs have had their account ripped away from them for violating the law! YES, IT IS ILLEGAL TO LINK DIRECTLY TO MY FILES! Looking for a solution? I've got a couple. First, you can do what I did, get your own host and you can then upload all the files you want on your server for people to download. Second, instead on having a file name going directly to the file, have it link to http://dbaby.com. If I haven't made this clear enough, or if you have any questions, then please contact me about it! Thank you for listening.
Copyright Notice
Please read this very carefully. ALL the images, design and programming are copyrighted to me, Nimit Maru. However, I did not make any of the baby animations. I may make some of mine in the future, but for now, this is just a collection of others. My website is just a collection of some of the best ones! The original baby (with no sound) was animated by Ron Lussier and others. With that in mind, go ahead and download!

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